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photography and camera

photography and camera

tip # 2

Posted by Elizabeth Terrian on April 7, 2012 at 8:10 AM

From Andrea Henry Crabtree:

"In a few short weeks we will start the flurry of Wedding Season..and won't stop until early winter. After a million hours of editing I've learned some things that Brides can do to help make their pictures MUCH better:

1. Tan Lines/Over-tanning, Bridesmaids especially. Nothing is worse then a gorgeous strapless dress...that looks like you have straps on. Or, a group shot of lovely ladies,..and one is so dark it's all you see.

2. False Eyelashes. Scary? Maybe, if you've never tried them, but I promise you, they will make your eyes pop in all your portraits! Try them a few weeks before if you've never worn them and see what you think!

3. The 'Getting Ready Room'. Are you in a church basement? A fancy hotel suite? Neither will look good in your pictures if there are pop cans and bras flung all over. Have your ladies pick up as they go or your portraits will forever have those tennis shoes and McDonald's bags behind you!

4. Well meaning Family members..trying to get those shots..over the photographers shoulders. Yes we love for your family to get the pictures they want, but you've paid a professional for a reason. I hate when we take a gorgeous group shot, that we spent 10 minutes building, only to have every image ruined because someone's eyes were looking at a different camera! Let us shoot first, then we will kindly step aside for anyone who would like a quick picture.

5. Whose who? You have a step-mom you love, a favorite niece, best friend from college attending? Of course you are going to want a picture taken with them,...but unless you tell us we won't know. Remember we have never had the pleasure of meeting these important people in your life before! Don't be afraid to make lists if you need to.

More tips coming soon! ~Amber Henry Photography"

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